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A step by step guide to raising a complaint


**This is a new service. When developers have completed their registration, their details will appear here and consumers can start the complaints process.  Please check back regularly until your developer’s details appear.**

Step 03

You can raise a complaint with the New Homes Ombudsman if your complaint meets the following criteria:

  • The developer is a current Registered Developer with the New Homes Quality Board and has signed up to the New Homes Quality Code. Click here to see a list of qualifying NHQB members and the date that they joined the scheme.
  • The date of Reservation of the property was on or after the Registered Developer became subject to the jurisdiction of the New Homes Ombudsman.
  • The complaint relates to an issue which occurred within 2 years from your Reservation date or Legal completion date, whichever is later.
  • Your complaint is being submitted less than 12 months from the Final Closure Letter, if you have received this. [This is a letter from the developer advising that the complaint has been resolved].
  • You have received your Final Closure Letter or you have waited at least 56 days from the date you submitted your initial complaint to the Registered Developer.
  • The complaint is about a breach of the new homes quality code and you have already raised this with the Registered Developer. [If you are not sure whether your complaint is a breach of the New Homes Quality Code, you can respond "Don't Know" on the initial Complaints form and we will review the complaint you have submitted and will be in touch].

New Homes Ombudsman Services - How It Works - We will ask you to:

  • Create a complaints account with the New Homes Ombudsman Service by providing us with your name, address, contact details, details of the Registered Developer you are complaining about, and the property which your complaint relates to.
  • We will then ask you to upload full details of your complaint with any supporting evidence that we will then share with the Developer for them to respond. We will share their response with you.