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Account Management for Activated Developers

We have created this helpful user guide to help activated developers up and manage their account with the New Homes Ombudsman Service (NHOS).   

Where we get our information from 

The information you provided to the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) as part of the registration process is passed automatically to NHOS after you activate your registration.  We will use that information to set up your account with us to enable you to manage and respond to any complaints we receive from your customers. 

Developers register with NHQB using a number of different structures.  If you have registered as a single entity with one point of contact, NHOS will replicate that.  You may also have registered using a Head Office/branch structure with different people nominated as a point of contact at each level. 

We have designed the system to allow flexibility so you can add additional users (including for example external advisers) to help you respond effectively to property developer complaints.   

Setting up your account 

1. You will be sent an invitation to activate your account, and this is where you can create your password, and reset it should you forget it. The log on page is found here 

2. If your account has multiple branches or subsidiary companies, you can choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. All of your accounts can be centrally managed from one log in page. Each account user will be able to see the options they are entitled to access. 

3. You can amend your contact details and/or add any additional users within the My Account tab.  

It is important to ensure that your contact information is up to date, this is where we will send information about property developer complaints, contact you about your account, and where the Ombudsman’s decisions will be sent. 

Users will only have access to what they are assigned, with the exception of the account owner, who can manage the full portfolio. Once assigned, they will be able to manage contact information, respond to complaints and will receive copies of correspondence relating to that branch and the Ombudsman’s decisions.  

Users who no longer require access can be removed in the same way. 

1. The Complaint Management tab will display any open complaints and their current status. If you are unsure of what the progress of the complaint is, or if you need assistance in viewing/responding, please contact the Casework Manager, Paula Braceland and she will be happy to help you.  

System Demonstration 

We are happy to arrange a session with developers to provide their team with a demonstration of the system. This can be done in person on online. 

Speak to us 

If you have any further questions about property developer complaints, would like to arrange a system demonstration, or need help with your account, please contact our Casework Manager, Paula Braceland on 


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