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How to use the online evidence portal

The New Homes Ombudsman Service provides fair and independent redress for customers who have purchased a new home. Our online evidence portal has been specially designed to be easy to use for customers and Registered Developers alike.

For a customer to lodge a new home complaint, they simply go to and hit raise a complaint. The customer will then be prompted to enter a few details to check that they are eligible to use the NHOS. Once their eligibility has been confirmed the customer will receive a validation email to activate their account.

All details that have already been provided will be pre-populated at the next stage. The customer will be taken to a separate part of the evidence portal to enter all other details, such as a summary of the new home complaint, along with a detailed submission where any supporting evidence can be uploaded.

Once evidence has been uploaded, the customer will be able to review their submission in full, with the ability to add, delete or edit.

The New Homes Ombudsman then reviews the new home complaint and issues it to the developer. Both the customer and the developer will be updated every step of the way by viewing the current status of the complaint on their account. The developer’s response will be available for the customer to view and vice versa.

Once all the evidence has been gathered, the file will be examined by the Ombudsman and a Draft Decision will be issued for both parties to comment on. Once any comments have been reviewed by the Ombudsman, a Final Decision will be published. This decision will be easily downloadable as a PDF format from the online portal.

Video guidance is available here.


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